Where are ad_header and ad_footer defined?

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When I try to load quotations.tcl the evaluation fails on ad_header
and ad_footer. I can replace them with the obvious html to make the
page work, but I thought this might indicate a problem.

I grep'd through /home/nsadmin/modules/tcl but couldn't find them.
Where should they be defined (if at all)?

Are other people having this problem?


-- Richard Tibbetts, September 13, 1999


Part of the problem set

If you read a little further down the problem set, you will notice that exercise 6 has you write an ad_header procedure.

-- Jesse Koontz, September 13, 1999

This does in fact point to a problem. /web/student36/www/psets/ps1/ps1.adp is not accurate (or at least is not the same as http://photo.net/teaching/psets/ps1/ps1.adp). For instance, it failed to note ad_header and ad_footer.

In the future, you (read: whoever puts stuff in out psets directory) might consider leaving out the copy of the problem set.

-- Richard Tibbetts, September 14, 1999