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I have a question about the policy memo that deal with the Safe
Learning Internet Act that we have to analyze:

Paragraph (5) (the major loop hole I guess) says that "for purposes of
paragraphs (2) and (3)" the criteria of what is inappropiate for
minors will be left up to the authority required to make a
certification of filtering. Now, the certification for universities
is under paragraph (4) and is not included in paragraph (5) ... is
this a mistake, or a deliberate omission?

By looking at the actual bill this is patterned after it seems to me
that not including paragraph (4) might be a mistake (since the
words are pretty much identical to our mythical bill) but I just
wanted to check :)



-- D J, September 15, 1999


Thanks. I fixed this to include (4), which was left out in error. This is an example of how difficult it is to draft legislation :)

-- Hal Abelson, September 15, 1999