Trouble getting handle to db through any pool

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I am having trouble connecting to the Oracle database.

If I point my browser to ...psets/ps1/quotations.tcl, I get an error
to the effect of 'could not allocate 1 handle(s) from pool "main"
while executing "ns_db gethandle"'. I get a similar error when I
point my browser to ...psets/ps1/quotations.csv. I did not get this
error earlier today.

Is there anything I'm missing?

-- Ken McCracken, September 20, 1999



It appears that your password was changed in Oracle. I reset it. Did you change your oracle inside of oracle? If not, I'm not sure why it would have changed. If this problem occurs again, let me know right away.

Meanwhile, I've connect as student44 both on the web at and in sqlplus.


-- James Buszard-Welcher, September 20, 1999