Can't log in to newly installed ACS.

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I have installed the ACS on lcsweb36.lcs and get the following error when I attempt to log in (accessing http://lcsweb36.lcs/register/user-login.tcl?

Tcl script failed

can't use non-numeric string as operand of
    while executing
"if { [ad_parameter UsersTableContainsConvertedUsersP] &&
$converted_p == "t" } {
    # we have a user who never actively registered; he or she was 
    (file "/web/student36/www/register/user-login.tcl" line 55)
    invoked from within
"source $script"
    invoked from within
"if ![file exists $script] {
                ns_returnnotfound $conn
        } else {
                source $script
    (procedure "ns_sourceproc" line 3)
    invoked from within
"ns_sourceproc cns13 {}"

For further assistance, contact the server administrator.

-- Richard Tibbetts, September 24, 1999


setting up the ACS

If you notice the procedure that is called before the bogus "&&" error message, you will see that the system is trying to fetch a value for "UsersTableContainsConvertedUsersP". This means that you have not completely configured your (ACS) ini file. Go look at /web/studentXX/parameters/studentXX.ini

Read the installation instructions for the ACS,

-- Jesse Koontz, September 24, 1999