acs system user password

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I've got my acs running and have registered myself as a user. The
install doc ( says that I
should now log in as the system user. But I can't do this, because I
don't know the system user's password! I can't have this emailed,
because my email address is not "system". Is the system password
buried somewhere in the documentation?

-- Andrew Grumet, September 25, 1999


System password

Try "changeme". I found this by looking at the table "users".

-- Jesse Koontz, September 25, 1999

click start then click run. Im run dialogue box type control userpasswords2. A window opens. Click Advanced Tab. Then Click Advanced Button. Click Users Folder. In the right side u will see the list of users including Administrator.Right Click on Administrator user and right click on it. Click set password. Set the new password.

-- Muzaffar Ahmad, June 10, 2007