ns_httpget timeout

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My "sales rank" Tcl proc throws the error:

"can't read "book_html": no such variable"

I figure that it's possible that a timeout accessing the html prevents
my ns_httpget from succeeding (so the following regexp fails). I then
tried (about 6 times over 2 hours) the ns_httpget command from the
AOLServer ad-hoc Tcl evaluation page. My suspicion was confirmed:

"ns_socksend: Timeout writing to socket"

However, when I type the URL into the top of my browser, the page pops
up immediately. What can be causing this?

-- David Sirkin, September 25, 1999


Check out the ns_httpget documentation ... you can increase the timeout duration to overcome this problem. However, your code should handle the error you described above without the need to increase the timeout duration.

-- Brian Stein, September 25, 1999