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My sales-rank-graph.tcl program throws the following error:

"invalid command name "gr_sideways_bar_chart""

On checking AOLserver's "view private tcl scripts," I see that
ad-graphing.tcl isn't there. I apparently have to update to the latest
version of utilities.tcl in order to utilize the graphing package, but
don't know how to do this. Please save me some time, as this is
wasting a lot! Thanks.

-- David Sirkin, September 25, 1999


Directly from the PS1 instructions: (
Exercise 13: Becoming a chartoonist

Why print a table of a book's popularity when you can print a chart? You're going to learn about the wonders of single-pixel GIFs and WIDTH and HEIGHT tags now. Grab the software in and put it in your server's private Tcl directory (/web/yourservername/tcl/). Read the docs at and then write code to generate a pretty chart of the data from Exercise 12.

Thus, you are supposed to grab ad-graphing.tcl and install it in your private tcl directory. This has nothing to do with the latest version of utilities.tcl

-- _ _, September 25, 1999

Thanks Rolf,

I know that ad-graphing.tcl is the file I need. Problem was that even after it was copied into the tcl directory, it was not showing up (and therefore not being referenced by my program) on the NSAdmin list of private tcl script files. What I learned since is that the reason it wasn't showing up was because I had to change the file access permissions. Since then, it has worked alright.

-- David Sirkin, September 25, 1999