Audio Visual Equipment

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The existence of AV equipment, and the need to advise room reservers
of it, is mentioned in the pset, without much specification.

Would it be adequate for the exercise to just allow the room creator
to enter a string, or would a whole set of columns (projector_p,
workstation_p, etc.) be better, either in a seperate table or in the
main rooms table?

Given this is an exercise, a string, with abstraction to allow
more/better information at a later time, seems like the right solution
to me.

-- Richard Tibbetts, September 25, 1999


AV Equipment

For now a varchar(4000) is appropriate.

-- Jesse Koontz, September 25, 1999

a CLOB would be lots of fun!!!!


-- Philip Greenspun, October 19, 1999