Administration/sysadmin confusion

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It is unclear to me how we are supposed to maintain
the uber-user set.

I see several types of administrators:

1) ACS admin
2) reservation system admin (this is probably same as 1?)
3) "Administration" group from Ex. 0.95

The way I understand it, 1 and 2 are the same, and only ACS
admins can add/edit rooms. Now, it seems that the actual reservation
system is available to all users of the ACS that's installed?
So, we need just a Uber User group to keep track of Uber Users,
and probably only the ACS admin can edit that group? OK, if
this is true, why do we need permissions? Membership in the
Uber-User group is the only thing we need to check...

I think I don't understand something. What baffles me is that
we have to create (in Ex. 0.95) a *type* of user group, while
it seems that what we need actually is a *user group*.

Please clarify!

-- Hristo Bojinov, September 26, 1999


Ex. 0.95 says "create a new user group of type 'Administration'". So you are correct, you are creating a user group. The type of that group is Administration, and has already been created.

The permissions system is the module that contains the function to use to check for group membership (see ad_user_group_member). So you don't actually need any of the hairy multi-role permissions stuff.

-- Jin Choi, September 27, 1999