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My "new.tcl" page shows users rooms that match their query. Each room name is also a link to a "view room details" page that provides all of that room's information, like capacity, a/v facilities, etc. At the top of both pages is a nav-bar created using ad_context_bar_ws. The "view room details" page on the nav-bar is one level deeper than the "new.tcl" page.

Here's the question. Once users follow a link to the "view room details" page, clicking on that page's menu-bar element to go back to "new.tcl" (which included query-specific results) isn't as straightforward as pressing the "back" button on the browser. This is because "new.tcl" requires parameters passed from the form in "index.tcl," which it uses to query the database.

I suppose I could pass all the values down to "view room details" and then pass them back when the nav-bar link is followed, but then "new.tcl" will query the database again. Is there a simpler way to handle this - or is just presenting all the room details on "new.tcl" the best way to proceed?

-- David Sirkin, October 3, 1999


It would seem that having the search results refreshed would make sense, as a room could no longer be available. Perhaps sending the user back two levels to the search parameters page makes more sense.

Does the pset request that A/V items are not listed directly with the room search results. One should be able to book a room directly from a search and not clicking on each room to learn specifics. At least that would make the most sense for a good UI.

-- Brian Stein, October 3, 1999