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I tried to use ns_sendmail, but none of these produced an e-mail
(i.e. I didn't receive it, if it was produced).

ns_sendmail "hib@mit.edu"; "Sender" "Subject" "Body"
ns_sendmail "To: hib@mit.edu"; "From: Sender" "Subject: Subject" "Body"

Neither did it complain...

What is a good technique to debug this type of problem?

-- Hristo Bojinov, October 3, 1999


I have not looked at your code, but your error log contains many complaints related to ns_sendmail.

You should note that ns_sendmail is very basic. It connects to the local mailer and hands off was passed to ns_sendmail. If the local mailer chokes ... you may not know about it without hutning down mailer logs.

Go read through your error log, then check some ACS code which calls ns_sendmail.

-- Brian Stein, October 3, 1999