deleting a group type and group bug

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Somehow when deleting a group from the admin/ug directory, then
deleting the group type of which it was part resulted in dropping the
table administration_info.

The group type and name was 'Reservation System Uber Users' and

The following sql result from "select * from administration_info" :

The following database exception was raised while the server was
attempting to satisfy your request:

ora8.c:903:ora_exec: error in `OCIStmtExecute ()': ORA-00942:
table or view does not exist SQL: select * from administration_info

-- Ken McCracken, October 5, 1999


The table administration_info is created automatically by the system to store information for the default ACS group type 'administration'. If you delete a group type, then its _info table is deleted as well. Try going to /www/doc/sql/user-groups.sql and looking for the calls that create these default tables and rows.

-- Jesse Koontz, October 5, 1999