family *tree* or *DAG*?

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How far should we go with this?

divorced? re-married? kids from two marriages? incest?

All these are not a big problem (after all, everyone has exactly
2 parents and this determines everything--no need of a spouse
field (in a way)). However, if we try to draw this, gets hairy.

So, should we really assume that the tree is a tree or find
a workaround...?

It also bothers me that the "spouse" field is something that can
possibly change (unlike father & mother).

-- Hristo Bojinov, October 9, 1999


I asked Philip about this. While not actively discouraging me from giving it a try, he did venture that it might be too hard for a one-week pset.

-- Andrew Grumet, October 9, 1999