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I receive the following error in my search-stories.tcl script - which doesn't occur when the query is entered directly into Oracle:
Database operation "select" failed (exception ORA,
"ora8.c:1130:ora_exec: error in `OCIStmtExecute ()': ORA-01041:
internal error. hostdef extension doesn't exist
For reference, here is the offending query:
select score(1), fs.family_story_id, item_date, item_year,
       fr.relative_id, first_names || ' ' || last_name as full_name
from family_relatives fr, family_story_relative_map fsrm,
     family_stories fs
where fr.relative_id = fsrm.relative_id
      and fsrm.family_story_id = fs.family_story_id
      and contains(story, 'about($srch_term)', 1) > 0
order by score(1) desc
What's it mean?

-- David Sirkin, October 16, 1999


hostdef extension doesn't exist

This is the message you will see when a database connection your server tried to use is not responding. This is usually caused by a bogus sql statement. Look through your error log to find the last sql statement that you processed before you started getting that error. Chances are that you also received an error for that last sql statement as well. Once you have found what caused the problem, restart your aol-server.

-- Jesse Koontz, October 17, 1999

ORA-01041: internal error

-- farzad ghaderi, June 22, 2005