PS 3: templates for content sections?

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The PS mentions explicitly only templates for *items*
in the content sections ( /movies/movie_reviews/XX ).

Should we also have the possibility to define templates for:

-- content sections ( /movies/ );

-- content subsections ( /movies/movie_reviews/ )?

This will make sure that the user who visits the site will
be in a nice environment all the time, as opposed to being
offered a plain list of items to choose from... But should
we bother about this, or rather focus on the other issues
(on actually getting the thing to run... :) )?

-- Hristo Bojinov, October 16, 1999



Templates are for items. And getting your site to run is perhaps more impressive than building a massive maintenence system for a single page that doesn't change that much.

-- Jesse Koontz, October 17, 1999