When is the _info table created in the oracle ?

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In exercise 5, pragrammer will write the 'create table _info...'
statement and this will go into our cm_template table. When will be
the 'create table _info... ' code be run ? (i.e. when will the _info
table be created ) Do we generate them when we "compile" the web site
in exercise 9 ? or do we generate them when an author wants to add or
edit a row in the _info table in exercise 7 ?

-- Joyce Ng, October 21, 1999


When to create a _info table

You should specify that this table is being generated in the datamodel. You should probably generate it when you know what the table should hold, (i.e. after you know what the columns are). You are using oracle 8i which allows you to modify the table to add or drop columns. This should be enough flexibility to build (or shrink) the table appropriately.

-- Jesse Koontz, October 27, 1999