Any luck using the "/news" module on your ACS?

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I wonder if anyone has successfully posted anything on the

"/news" module of his/her ACS?

I haven't! I have briefly scanned the code and it seems that a new
posting remains in "unapproved" state no matter who is posting it,
a site-wide administrator or a regular user!

Your comments and observations will be welcomed.

================ Here are some detailes: ===========================

If you post a test News using:

then even as sitewide admin, you will be getting the page: which says:

" ..... Thank you for your submission to CyberNet Inc.

Your submission will be reviewed by <sys-admin-email>. ......."

But neither the sys-admin receives any email from system to
approve/disapprove the news nor any news appears on the news
page: !!!

And by the way, problem is not ns_sendmail because it is working
fine on my server in other applications!

Thanks for your attention!

-- Ali Taalebi, November 3, 1999


Configuring News section of ACS

It appears that you have set the approval policy for your server to "requires approval". You should go to the admin page for the general comments module to approve news articles.

-- Jesse Koontz, November 3, 1999

With many thanks to all who responded to my posting, here is the wrap-up answer! If you have already posted something but it does not appear in your /news page it means that the "approvalpolicy" is set to "wait". Then the sys-admin should visit the page: /admin/news and approve the desired news items. You can change the approval policy of future news posting on your server to "open" by going to: [ns/server/student49/acs/news] section of your initialization file in /parameters/studentXX.ini and setting ApprovalPolicy="open".

-- Ali Taalebi, November 4, 1999