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It seems that not everyone knows about ClientDebug, which is an
incredibly helpful tool for debugging your code. What it does is
actually display an error message instead of the dumb "Server Error"
message. To enable ClientDebug, go to https://<servername>/NS/Admin.
Click on TCL Scripting, then Enable/Disable Client Debugging. Add your
IP address to the list. That's it. The changes will remain in place
until the next time you restart your server.

Questions? Post to the bboard :).

Have fun on the problem set,

-- Ali Taalebi, November 6, 1999


And to avoid the need for enabling the ClientDebugging tool anytime you restart your server, you can add the line:


for any desired IP-address to the

[ns/server/student49/tcl] section of

your /home/nsadmin/<yourserver.ini> file.

This is very useful for the IP-addresses that you routinely use for logging into your webserver.

-- Ali Taalebi, November 6, 1999

Has anyone got this feature to work in AOLserver 3.0? The flag is not documented at

Cheers, Martin

-- Martin Elsman, February 15, 2000