Exercise 5 (pset4)

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What does the following line mean?

"This page should show all the currently linked objects and have "add
link" hyperlinks to object-add-link.tcl"

what is a linked object? and what is object-add-link.tcl supposed to
do. An example would be really good.


-- ahmed ait-ghezala, November 7, 1999


Linking Objects

"This page" = object-display.tcl

"should show all the currently linked objects" = should show all objects that are linked to the one being displayed.

"and have 'add link' hyperlinks to object-add-link.tcl" = At the top (or bottom) of the list of linked objects there should be a html link to a page that creates a new link between the object being displayed and some new object.

An example would be displaying a "person". That person may be linked to another person, a lab, and a paper. The user should be able to create a new link to some other object.

-- Jesse Koontz, November 7, 1999