Moot Court Assignments

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Apparently, someone in the class paid attention to neither my announcement during class nor my postings on the class bulletin board and said that the Moot Court was extremely disorganized on the MIT end. I cannot begin to express my frustration with such statements.

In any event, among those who formally applied to do the Moot Court, I decided on the presenters some time ago. Perhaps I should have posted the final assignments, but I notified everyone who formally applied as to whether (s)he would be doing the Moot Court.

Here are the assignments:

Planned Parenting - Gina, Sunil
American Life Activists - Cynthia, myself

To those of you who did not apply but meant to, I'd like to express my sincerest apologies; I gave as much time as possible, and I chose people based on desire, experience and time commitments until December 1st. I should have found a more aggressive method to communicate with all of you other than announcing it in class and posting the information on the message board with 60 hours of turnaround time, and in this regard, I messed up. I would also comment that the people who were chosen to do the Moot Court contacted me so many times about it that I could have pressed harassment charges against them.

-- Patrick Kremer, November 21, 1999