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DoubleClick, a company that does a lot of profiling (exactly the kind we talked about last time) is apparently interviewing on campus. Interesting to see that they say they are "building a great product." Yeah, "Big Brother -- the next generation." Here's their email:

DoubleClick Would Like to Cordially Invite You

To Our Information Session

Monday, November 29th

6:00pm in Building 4 Room 153

Refreshments Will Be Served

DoubleClick is the industry leader in internet advertising solutions. Please
read on to learn more about DoubleClick's innovative business and inviting


DoubleClick is the global Internet advertising solutions company. Combining
state-of-the-art technology and media expertise, DoubleClick helps
advertisers and publishers make Web advertising work by successfully
centralizing the planning, execution, control, tracking and reporting for
high-impact, online media campaigns. DoubleClick is the industry leader at
leveraging technology to create solutions that help advertisers and
publishers unleash the power of the Web for branding, selling products, and
building relationships with customers.

DoubleClick Inc. (NASDAQ: DCLK), the industry's leading Internet advertising
solutions company, (we currently hold 80% of the market). DoubleClick's DART
technology recently hit a new record serving one billion ads in a single
day, and is now currently serving five billion ads per week. At DoubleClick,
we're building one of the biggest transaction systems in the world. For
every request, DART chooses the best ad to serve from tens of thousands of
choices. Our enterprise software product, DoubleClick Adserver, handles
billions of additional requests for some of the busiest sites on the web
Over 10,000 sites worldwide use DART, including AltaVista, The Wall Street
Journal Interactive Edition, The, CBS SportsLine, Excite Europe,
Infoseek and Bloomberg.

Additionally, we're working on products to deliver personalized advertising
through other channels including digital television, telephone systems, and
wireless devices. We have a lot of interesting problems to solve.

Our Culture

* We concentrate on creating value; we build the products and

* We operate with the highest ethical standards, and never forget we
are a trusted service to advertisers, publishers, and consumers.
* We hire intelligent and ambitious employees, on merit alone.

* We promote from within whenever possible to stimulate growth and

* We focus on the solution, not the problem.

We are building a great company in an explosive industry. We are making

-- Lucy Borodavkina, November 24, 1999