How are tcl files evaluated by Aolserver?

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In the TCL shell, how do you run a series of tcl commands written to
a text
file in emacs?
I'd like to run them as declarations, then also run other tcl commands
afterwards .... If I do tclsh filename, it runs it, but then kicks me
of tcl so I can't use those procedures

-- Aileen Tang, February 2, 2000


Response to A student's question

Just call the .tcl file from your browser. e.g. if you save it under /web/yourserver/www/foo.tcl, just load up this page:

Or you can put the commands in a proc defined in a file in the /web/yourserver/tcl/ directory. i would name it yourserver.tcl (as in these procs are for custom use by your server). Then reinitialize private tcl from the AOLserver. Then you can execute the commands every time you reference that proc name from any of the .tcl files executed via a web browser.

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-- Aileen Tang, February 2, 2000