server can't read Tcl file

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For some strange reason, the server doesn't seem to read anything in
my tcl file. I'm on problem 6 from pset 1. Any suggestions from past
experience would be appreciated. My pset-defs.tcl is in the correct

Here's a copy of the error.log:

invalid command name "ad_header"
while executing
"ad_header "Quotations""
invoked from within
"ns_write "
[ad_header "Quotations"]



(file "/web/student190/www/psets/ps1/quotations.tcl" line 26)
invoked from within
"source $script"
(procedure "ns_sourceproc" line 6)
invoked from within
"ns_sourceproc cns1 {}"

-- Casey Williams, February 21, 2000


You should check your error log for when you last loaded your tcl files. You ps1-defs.tcl has a few error and so the procedures defined there didn't get loaded. Try putting a space between your curly braces: proc ad_header {page_title} {

-- Jesse Koontz, February 21, 2000