ns_ora write_blob

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The function "ns_ora write_blob" does not seem to be able to give me
back the photo. I get an error in the server log that says "could not
return file /var/tmp/wierd_file_name".

This has been after trying a couple of different things. In an attempt
to simplify things and make sure I am not dealing with a bug from my
own program I went to /pvt and tried to just add a portrait for a user
to see if I get any results. The above error message was from those
attempts and it occurs in /shared/portrait-bits.tcl where it requests
the file "ns_ora write_blob $db "select portrait from users where

Any idea what could be wrong here? Any suggestions?

By the way "select user_id from users where portrait is not null" does
give me back the correct user_id so the photo is loaded and in the

-- Koroush Iranpour-Tehrani, March 2, 2000