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We have an access control question.

Family members do not have to be users in the users table. Since some
may be dead and some may not have email acounts. How then do family
members access the family suites since they would have to enter an
email address to come though the (main) page. In addition
how do we find out that the member viewing the page is "charles agboh"
since he may not be in the users tabel and we cannot check there?

any ideas og handling the designated andpublic and family options of
access control?


-- Peter Agboh, March 2, 2000


Assume that anyone visiting the site has an email address and can create a user account. If you have some extra time on your hands, have a try at handling the case where there is already an entry in the family_members table when the user registers.

-- Andrew Grumet, March 3, 2000