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While looking at the family_events excercises it seems to me that only
family members who have emails can be creators and coordinators of an
event. Since the events can be viewed only on the pvt/home.tcl pages
(through it i mean) then only members who arr in the users table and
who have emails can register or even view events. This again backs
leads to the question of how do the other family members who are not
in the users table see these events or even access the photos.

Also the family_photo_access_control has a map from photo_id to
user_id; does these mean that only members in the users table can
access photoes with access_status of "designated?" What of the other

i'd appreciate the answers on the above questions soon.


-- Peter Agboh, March 3, 2000


You can assume that a family member has an email address if they can visit the site. Then they can register and have their user_id entered in the relatives table.

And, yes, you can assume that only family members who are in the users table can be "designated" as having access.

-- Jesse Koontz, March 4, 2000