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This call continually gives me an "invalid column name"
..anyone who can help me pick out the error ????? - thanks - allan
regenbaum.... ps the table used is identical to that described in PS5

ns_ora blob_dml_file $db "insert into family_photos
(family_photo_id, photo,
client_file_name, file_type,
file_extension, caption,
item_date, item_year, original_width,
original_height, access_control)
('$relative_id', empty_blob(),
'[DoubleApos $client_filename]',
'[DoubleApos guessed_file_type]',
'[DoubleApos $file_extension]',
[ns_dbquotevalue $original_width number],
[ns_dbquotevalue $original_height number],
'public') returning
attachment into :1" $tmp_filename

-- Allan REGENBAUM, March 22, 2000


Probably because you should use "returning photo into:..." instead of "returning attachment into: ..." There's no column name named "attachment" :)

Hope that helps.

-- Tri Tran, March 22, 2000