sws_table_to_section_map doesn't exist!

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Problem 11 of ps 4 refers to adding a line to sws_table_to_section_map.
I can't find docs on the table anywhere and when I describe it in
oracle, I get that it doesn't exist. So am I supposed to make it
myself? I guess that's what I'll do, but I just have to guess what
goes into it...

-- Josh Glazer, March 31, 2000


I think when I did ps 4, I assumed that sws_table_to_section_map corresponded to table_acs_properties. That table seems to have the same function of mapping from table names to pretty names and urls. I'll check my answers tonight and followup with more details.

-- W. Scott Meeks, March 31, 2000

Yes, just a table with table_name, section_name and user_url_stub.

-- W. Scott Meeks, March 31, 2000