ConText Cartridge available on Linux w/

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I'm working on pset 5 with a Linux box with Oracle installed
(it would've choked on 8.1.6, the hog...). I've gotten to Exericse 8,
but I'm stymied. I haven't been able to get ConText running on my
Linux box, and I've even seen reference that it isn't available for
Linux (8.0.X). (Despite the fact that Oracle Installer says it's
installed; I've never gotten any prompts in Installer for CTX_SYS,
been able to get it completely running, etc.) Anyone know anything
about that? Any tricks? I'm probably going to get a new box and set
up 8.1.6 w/ InterMedia Text anyway, but I was wondering if I'm stuck
until then...



-- Ken Kennedy, July 18, 2000


Whew!! Just had to keep plugging away at it...ConText is running now.

-- Ken Kennedy, July 19, 2000