Interesting places to stop between Oshkosh and San Francisco?

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After departing Oshkosh I'll be heading out to San Francisco. Any
ideas for interesting places to stop on the way? The DA40 is not
turbocharged so hot, high, and short runways are not a good idea.

-- Philip Greenspun, July 24, 2003


If you have an opportunity to head north along the Oregon coast a bit take your camera and Alex to Cape Blanco. It's a tiny little strip on the coast (very often fogged in) with nothing but a quiet hangar, a porta-potty and a fully-functioning phone booth in the woods. There are a handful of excellent trails that lead a 1/2 hr. or so down to the coast, where the surf along the cliffs is breathtaking. Its unique claim to fame is that it is the western most point in the contiguous 48 states!

Learn more at:

Happy flying, Erin Recke, CFII/MEI

-- Erin Recke, October 10, 2003