how hard was it to learn the Commercial maneuvers?

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I passed my Commercial knowledge test and now need only learn how to
fly the airplane... How many hours should I expect to devote to
learning the Commercial maneuvers? Are there any useful Web pages
or books on the subject or is it more effective simply to go up with
an instructor?

-- Philip Greenspun, July 24, 2003


You will need 10 hours of dual instruction in a complex airplane to be eligible for the checkride.

In most cases, by the time you have the 10 hrs. in, you'll be ready for the checkride. At least my students are good to go.

Maybe I'll bump into you at Oshkosh. I live just down the road in Madison.

All the Best,

Joe Oliva, CFII, ATP, etc...

-- Joe Oliva, July 25, 2003

In my opinion, your commercial maneuver progress will depend upon the talent of your instructor. If you're able to get good instruction from the start, and fly regularly until you take your checkride, you shouldn't have much of a problem with the maneuvers. There are interesting books out there that talk about how to fly them, but there's really no substitute for just getting up there and doing it.

The FAA recently added 2 new comm. maneuvers to the PTS, so be sure your instructor knows how to fly and teach them -- the steep spiraling descent and the power off 180-degree accuracy landing. They're fun and easy if you learn them properly and practice until you can do them on demand.

Good luck and happy flying!

Erin Recke, CFII/MEI

-- Erin Recke, October 10, 2003