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I am planning to design a webpage where my friends could track the
my flights (not necessarily in real-time.) The idea is to use a
portable GPS during the flight to record a stream of coordinates and
then upload it to a website, which in turn would allow users to see
the route superimposed on a geopolitical map with all kinds of
options (turn on cities, zoom in/out). Does anyone know of a free
mapping service which I could interface my software with? How up-to-
date is such a service?

Thank you very much in advance!


-- afkd22 a, July 28, 2003


If you're a ham radio operator (or don't mind becoming one), you can use APRS to provide real time tracking, with your route laid over a map.

See http://www.findu.com/ for more details.


-- Javier Henderson, August 11, 2003


There is a commercial site called fboweb.com that will track your position and report it via their web service in quasi-realtime, so long as you are on an IFR flight plan.


-- Michael McWilliams, September 16, 2003

i am doing travel and touriam and a map of air routes is needed 4 my course work. thankyou

-- Zoe Brown, October 2, 2005

If you file a flight plan your friends can monitor your flight path on flightaware.com.


-- Terence Gillespie, March 21, 2006