Good instructor in Seattle?

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I am a middle aged professional father and husband. I have always
wanted to learn to fly and am now strongly considering doing so. I
live in Seattle. Can anybody out there recommend me to the best (and
preferably most reasonable) flight school/instructor in the greater
Seattle area?


Todd M. Nelson

-- todd nelson, July 29, 2003


Camped out near us at Oshkosh was another Diamond Star owned by a guy who is still doing his instrument training. He brought along an instructor named Richard Newman who has an ATP and 32 years of experience as a CFI. Richard seemed like an easy guy to get along with and everything he said about flying struck me as reasonable. He's based in Everett and you might want to try him out or get him to recommend someone. His phone number is 425-422-4811, email "luftshifkaptain" at our favorite Microsoft-branded hot free email service (trying to foil the spam robots here).

-- Philip Greenspun, August 2, 2003

You might try the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI). The cavet with this group is that it only shows flight instructors that have paid to be members of this group. Another idea is Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). Flight instructors tend to move around quite a bit; though not so much lately with the downturn in the economy, so the databases will exhibit some lag.

I think your best idea is to go out to the airport and meet a few of them. After all it won't cost you a dime to meet them and you will hopefully have a flight lesson scheduled by the end of your encounter. Try out a couple of people or even airports. See what you like best. Flight training is fun and your instructor will make or break your enjoyment.

-- Bradrick Pretzer, August 9, 2003

I've flown with Regal Air since '95, and I have a couple favorite instructors there. Chuck and Ben are both pretty good.

-- Roger Weber, September 24, 2003

Sounds like fun!

-- tom green, December 29, 2003