Problem with ORDVir obj type

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First i had a problem with creating tables with image type column.
For example, when i typed:
CREATE TABLE stockphotos (photo_id NUMBER, photographer VARCHAR2(64),
annotation VARCHAR2(255), photo ORDSYS.ORDVir);

i got the answere invalid datatype for "ordsys.ordvir"
After that i tryed with ORDImage instead of ORDVir an i succeed. But
then raised another problem. When i tryed to generate signature for
image data object:
image ordsys.ordimage


i got error. Obviously obtaining atributes can happen just to ORDVir
object . So my Question is do i get this object type (in ORDSYS )
after the installation of oracle or i had an installation problem?
I also tried with CREATING ORDvir OBJECT TYPE procedure but i didn't
succeed. What should i do?

-- konstantin dzekov, November 4, 2003