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I would like to one day become a pilot. I'm a 24 year old woman. If
anyone could direct me to a link that speaks about flying Jet
Planes , I would be very greatful indeed.

-- Jackie Telles, April 19, 2004


Flying commercially is a very good career for women. Airlines often have a strong affirmative action program for hiring women. If you meet the minimum qualifications you will very likely be hired whereas a man would have to fight it out with 100 other qualified applicants. Once hired you will be promoted according to seniority. It doesn't matter if all of your bosses have a prejudice against women, you will enjoy the same career advancement as a man hired on the same day as you.

The tough part is getting to the minimums, which are often around 1500 hours of total flying time with 300 hours of multi-engine experience. If you become a flight instructor you might only have to pay for about 400 of these hours and then your students will pay for the rest. Still those 400 hours will cost around $40,000 so it is best to start saving money!

-- Philip Greenspun, June 2, 2004

Specifically, what do you want to know about flying a jet? It is nearly the same, and in many cases easier than flying a piston powered aircraft. The biggest differences are the swept wings and the high altitudes and resulting thin air that the wing and engines operate in.

Things such as critical mach number and mach buffet become a factor.

-- Bradrick Pretzer, April 22, 2004

Hi Jackie,

First of all are you interested in commercial jets, or military jets? Either way, you really do need a 4 yr degree. It's required for the air force, and most airlines want to see it. I have about 50 websites I could send you, so send me an email at and make sure to put something in the subject about flying so I don't delete it. I'd love to help a fellow female out. By the way, I fly air force jets...but I know a lot about getting into the airlines to.


-- Capt. Jessica Rhyne, July 4, 2004

Hi people!

I operate a full motion airline simulator virtual flight school in Toronto, Canada if anyone wants to fly an airline jet. 99% realistic!

-- Aaron Murphy, May 3, 2006

hi are you still interested in becoming a pilot? i'm currently working at an aviation school and would be happy to guide you along if you're still interested.

-- jay d, November 13, 2006

Youl'll need a for year college certificate. Let's assume that you meet the physical requirements (height, weight, eyes, ears, etc.) To be a naval aviator, you must be a commissioned officer. To get a commission in the US Navy, you absolutely must have a 4 year college degree, no exceptions. A degree in any major is acceptable, however preference is given to candidates with degrees in scientific or technical fields, such as engineering, math, physics, etc. However there are pilots flying with a degree in history or english as well.You want a teabag?

-- James Dalton, May 13, 2008