Requirements to become a commercial pilot

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i am still a student from Malaysia and i plan to go for the aviation
interview when i graduate

may i know what is the eligibility to become a commercial pilot ?
where could i get to know about the courses and interview ?
where will get to train ?
I wear spectacles or lenses, can I still learn to fly ?
which aviation training centre do you recommend (if you are a
malaysian) ?

-- shaun wong thean shye, April 21, 2004


Response to what is the eligibility

Generally, to obtain a Commercial Pilot's license you need to have 250 hours of flight time. The specific requirements can be found in Section 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 61.121 - 61.133. However, don't confuse a Commercial Pilot's license with a commercial pilot's job. Right now the US major airlines are not hiring and only the regional airlines are. An example is American Eagle which, right now, requires 1500 total time and 300 multi-engine. ASA, ComAir and ACA are other examples of regional airlines that all have web pages with thier requirements.

You can get your licenses and ratings nearly anywhere in the country. There are flight schools that consist of one flight instructor and an airplane and there are those with in excess of 100 instructors and countless aircraft. Each is a little different and it is important that you find an instructor and school that meets your personal liking.

The glasses are no problem. Many airline pilots fly with them.

-- Bradrick Pretzer, April 22, 2004

just got out of the military

was wondering if i can use my G.I bill to pay for a school to become a pilot and maybe make it a career

-- chad piper, October 14, 2007

i also wanna b'come a comm.pilot

-- siddhant chandre, November 10, 2007

hello i have complpeted my comercila pilot tranning from philiphines could not meet the indian medical requirments ,,, plz sugesst me some where i can build up my hrs ,the medical problem is that i have slight squint in my eyes is it an problem in international airlines too too ???

-- shoaib khan, September 28, 2008

'hello i have completed my commercial pilot training from philipines could not meet the Indian medical requirements, please suggest me some where i can build up my hours ,the medical problem is that i have [a] slight squint in my eyes[,] is it a problem in international airlines too ??? '

Does this "squint" affect your peripheral vision?

-- Jason Hackney, September 28, 2008

because my aim is commercial pilot i want to become pilot and my father mother saa me i will be a good pilot

-- zahed pasha pasha, November 3, 2008

Some more information at:

-- Richard S, November 9, 2008

i 2 wannna do a pilot. i stay in India ....... kindly let me know some good training centres in india

-- venkat krishnan, May 14, 2009

i also want to know about the details of commercial piolt and plz tells us the steps and how we join the school of commercial piolet

-- Arslan Tariq, November 3, 2009

please tell me what is the maximum age limit for commercial pilot licence Also tell across the world where these licence can get most cost effective in indian rupees. Thanks n Regards R Mehrotra

-- raghvendra mehrotra, November 21, 2009

where could i get to know about the training institutions

-- manisha pandey, May 16, 2010

I am 44 years of age. What is the maximum age to acquire a commercial Pilot Licence and future job prospects?

-- Gurvinder Singh Bhatia, August 25, 2010

Glasses is not a prob cox many airline pilots use them... And there is great flying school in Texas.... Average cost of fee is $8500 to $9000....good luck and wish u all the best..... (I also do love to fly)

-- Shamin Mohamed, February 12, 2011