Will Cessna respond to Cirrus by adding parachute to their planes?

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With Cirrus now commanding over 50% of the single engine piston
market, it seems to me that Cessna has to do something. Adding glass
panels is a big improvement, but is it likely they will go further
and add a Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS) parachute like Cirrus has?

BRS now offers parachutes for the 172, so the engineering has already
been done.

I for one would happily pay more $$ per hour to rent a BRS-equipped
Skyhawk/Skylane/Stationair versus one without it.

-- chsi reeves, September 2, 2004


Okay, a little more searching revealed a (partial) answer to my own question.

In this article (see link below), dated 8-29-04, at the very end, mentions that BRS is in discussion with Cessna execs to offer the parachutes as optional equipment on new planes. I certainly hope Cessna goes forward with this.


-- chsi reeves, September 2, 2004