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I am planning on taking flying lessons and trying to determine which
ariplane to train in. Has anyone had experience in learning to fly
in the Cirrus SRV? I've read they are too fast and hard to land for
beginners, but that this model is designed for people learning to

-- Curtis Berkey, January 31, 2005


It is the same airframe as the SR20 and therefore exactly the same for hand-flying and landing as the SR20. The SRV model simply has some of the fancy avionics removed since you don't need them if you're only flying VFR (i.e., not in the clouds).

Where did you find a flight school that uses this plane as their primary trainer? I'm very surprised that they were able to get insurance for this kind of operation. Anyway, if you've found the school and don't mind their rental rates, I say "go for it". You might take some extra hours of instruction before soloing but it is good preparation if your ultimate goal is to buy an SR20 or SR22.

-- Philip Greenspun, January 31, 2005

The SRV is very hard to find in North America. There may two registered, if that many. I believe the SRV was targeted more for the European market where an inexpensive VFR only trainer was more appropriate.

IFR training is more rare, more expensive and requires more equipment (ADF, usually DME) than US IFR.

Find a school that has an SR20, instead of an SRV. It will help your evential transition to IFR anyway. Best of luck and hope you eventually move to your IFR ticket.

-- David Wihl, February 3, 2005

In Phoenix, AZ, there is a flight school called Air Safety Flight Academy which has the Cirrus SR 20 and SRV. They teach brand new students to fly in the planes from "0" time. They also have a SR 22 on the way. The school has a very good reputation. Their phone number is (623) 872-8851. Talk to Dee Pinkston.

-- dan klobe, February 20, 2005

This is a response to Dan Klobe's response. I was a student pilot of Dan Klobe's in Kansas City and I have been wondering what happened to him. If he is teaching in Phoenix, Arizona I would take lessons from him again as he was an excellent pilot.

Would you respond to me Dan?

Greg Chollet

-- Gregory Chollet, March 23, 2006