Why the SR20?

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Given the Piper Malibu how come you've bought an SR20? Are the DA40 and the SR20 so
different that it was worth the switch?

-- David Adams, May 25, 2005


I'm learning to be an instrument instructor. I already know how to teach in the DA40. The SR20 is quieter in the back seat for the dog. It has seats with an adjustable recline angle in he front for me. Those are the biggest pluses. I only own half of the SR20 anyway.

My deal for the Malibu fell through. The main issue was a heated windshield that wasn't drawing the full amount of current that the P.O.H. says it should draw. This is a common problem with Malibus that have plastic windshields (the latest ones have glass). The cost to replace is around $28,000. I will probably buy a Malibu when I'm ready to go on a trip down to South America, maybe this winter. Or possibly wait until the first Eclipse jet ships. That should result in some lower prices for used Malibus, Meridians, etc.

-- Philip Greenspun, May 25, 2005

I guess the next obvious question then is why not an SR22? It too falls in to the "can't do a trip that you can't do in a C172" but is faster and thus probably better experience for the subsequent Malibu or whatever you end up with, no?

-- David Adams, May 25, 2005

I got my answer from your review of the SR20. I know a few people who should read that review - maybe it's a marketing thing but the SR-range have been acquiring upmarket status in Europe.

There are some interesting rumbles in the jungle at the moment though because they don't come with ADF (nor readily fitted as I understand) and they are required for IFR flight in UK controlled airspace (which includes all airways).

-- David Adams, May 27, 2005