Deciding which Plane/ Mountain Goat

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Where I live in Southern Utah. There are a number of landing strips
in the desert. Driving by car 2-4hours by plane 10-20min (one way)
also there is a small landing strip in Death Valley next to a
campground and across the road is a motel, Which would be great to
fly to Nov-Feb. (that is depending on flight restrictions). There
is a lot of lakes which I would like to fly to for fishing, (float
plane). I have a time share in Cabo. Anyway, I meet friends all
over the place to hunt, fish, camp. Some places are 10hours by
car. I would meet them more if I was not driving a car for 10
hours. I own my own small business. So it is hard for myself to
take long trips but 3 day weekend are okay as long as i'm not
driving 20plus hours. To sum it up I would love to fly anywhere and
everywhere. Just to see new places (out of the way places). Buget
for plane up to $300,000.00

-- Casey Anderson, July 17, 2005


You need several planes, based on your requirements. If you want to get to Cabo in any degree of speed and comfort you need at least a Piper Malibu (an older Continental-powered one can be had for $300k). If you want to go to remote rough short fields you need some sort of tail-dragger (maybe you could put it on floats for part of the year). You might want to buy a 1/2 or 1/3rd share in a couple of different airplanes so that you have flexibility. It is kind of a headache to maintain an airplane so it is good to have partners to share the tasks and costs.

-- Philip Greenspun, July 24, 2005

I just fall in to this place, I also I'm trying to decide to get a time share plane because in venezuela is too expensive to rent a plane, what will be an regular contract with clauses and all rules,so I can put all this together into a contract and disscuss it with my friends, do you guys know? pls mail me any comments to andres. tks i advance and good look, I think the same, my friend you should thing to buy a plane that you can put floaters or regular landings

-- andres valdemir, May 12, 2006