Trip to Venezuela and Columbia

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Am planning trip back to Tucson from Connecticut by way of Florida,
Caribbean Chain, Venezuela, Columbia, Panama, and back up to Tucson.
Cannot find info on visiting Venezuela or columbia by Mooney. Where
can I find info, i.e. visa, general aviation plane permits, etc.
Where are good cities (safe) to visit. Any chance of visiting Angle
Falls by Mooney. Any info you got, or where I can get it would be
Thanking you in advance.

Dick Kaufmann

-- Richard Kaufmann, October 20, 2005


The AOPA Web site has a reasonable section on international flying but they don't keep it especially up to date. The discussion forums in the Malibu/Meridian Owners and Pilot's Association (MMOPA) are probably a better source of advice. Those Malibu folks are the ones who have worldwide insurance and go anywhere. Colombia might be tough for insurance. Cartagena is probably one of the safest and most scenic parts of Colombia; they had cruise ships going there until recently (also an insurance issue). I just did a Google search for "cartagena" and one of the first links offered up was ...

-- Philip Greenspun, October 24, 2005

you`ll enjoy your flight to venezuela for sure, there are a lot of places to check, always remember to make first land and customs on an main airport may be simon bolivar international airport at maiquetia, the safest airport is the caracas airport 1 hour trip to caracas city, but generally they are safe places because national guard is in all of them, barcelona airport also have a sefe place for private pilots, if you want to go to el salto angel, first make sure to land on manuel piar airport and collect plans to salto el angel and canaima beautifull place, if you need any additional info let me know.

-- andres valdemir, September 5, 2006