vfr to the caribbean?

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Your description of flying the caribbean sounded fantastic. I'd like
to do it VFR via the island chain you suggested from west palm beach
to aguadilla in a retractable skylane with 88 gallons useable. You
made it clear that fuel is readily avialable en route. I would bring
required safety/rescue equipment.

Is an IFR flight plan required for the flight?

Thank you very much for your help.

Dave Diodato

-- dave diodato, November 29, 2005


IFR is never required as far as I know. I think IFR is easier in some ways than VFR, but most folks are probably going VFR, especially to the Bahamas.

-- Philip Greenspun, November 30, 2005

As a pilot currently based out of West Palm Beach, I am exposed to flights to the islands and Bahamas quite frequently. You should know that VFR to the Bahamas is fine, however there are no nighttime VFR flights to the Bahamas. And most flight school don't allow any type of island flying after dark at all. . .unless it is IFR. Just somethink to think about.

-- Walter Henn, February 18, 2007

IFR is required in the Bahamas to fly at NIGHT. Their rules.

-- Dean Phillips, March 10, 2010