Can a STOL CH 801 be used for commercial purposes?

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Am a student pilot right now and was just wondering if the CH 801 is
considered "experimental" since it is a kit plane and if so doesn't
that prohibit it from being used in a revenue producing role. I
would like to eventually get a commercial pilot certif. so I could
fly people into back country places. Thanks in advance for all your
help! Jeff

-- Jeff Angel, January 29, 2006


Any kit plane gets an experimental airworthiness certificate and cannot be used for commercial purposes. In any case, you'd need a Part 135 certificate to live out your dream of taking people into the backcountry and that involves a forest of paperwork and a lot of required flying experience. Having a commercial pilot certificate doesn't allow you to take money from customers. With some very minor exceptions, it allows you to work for a company that has a Part 135 or Part 121 certificate.

-- Philip Greenspun, January 29, 2006

Thanks Philip for the info. Not what I wanted to hear but if it was easy eveyone would be doing it! HA! I'm going to stick with the lessons and see where I end up. Thanks again! Jeff

-- Jeff Angel, January 31, 2006