G1000 Feature Function Questions

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Is there a way to enter Victor Airways on the G1000? I have 100
hours with G1000 and have not been able to find a way. Otherwise
it's a real pain to enter some clearances with "bends" in them.

Is there a way to numerically show the radial you are from a VOR,
either TO or FROM, ala the KX-155 Standby Frequency window? This
should be a no-brainer, but another thing I have not been able to
figure out.

Hope someone else has done this.

-- Ahmed Reza, March 17, 2006


There is no way to enter the Victor Airways, for sure. Only the Garmin (formerly UPS) 480 can do that.

As for the VOR question... What about pressing the "PFD" soft key on the PFD and bringing up an AUX pointer in the HSI? I think it also brings up a little data block right next to the HSI.

-- Philip Greenspun, April 4, 2006

Phil: Thank you for your answer on the Victor airways, I suspected this was not possible (WHY ???).

On second question, yes I can bring up a secondary pointer via on the PFD making the HSI work like an RMI. I guess I could see which radial i'm off of.


-- Ahmed Reza, April 4, 2006

Although there is no way to enter a clearance in the format "V234", you can accomplish the same thing by entering the VOR or intersection at each end of the segment along the way. For instance, to enter a clearance from Seattle to Vancouver (BC, Canada) of SEA V23 YVR: SEA, PAE, HUH, YVR. One advantage of having the enroute VORs and intersections entered in your route: You may be cleared direct along the way to a point one or two segments ahead, but no sweat, the points are already entered in the G1000!

-- Frank Ervin, June 11, 2006

All points above well taken, yes I agree with having add'l waypoints just in case, but I would like to believe it could do that by itself! The problem comes where there are non-straight legs between VORs, and you have to find them on the LIFR charts.

But given my autopilot flies me from 800ft AGL at takeoff to MDA/DH on landing, what else do I have to do? Just a little complaining!

-- Ahmed Reza, September 21, 2006

As you probably know by now, the updated G1000 software does now allow for Victor airway flight planning.

-- Frank Ervin, December 1, 2007