Flight Instructor Recommendations around Madison Wisconsin?

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As a aspiring GA pilot I am quickly learning that choosing a really
high quality flight instructor is among the most important decisions
I'll make. Can you recommend anyone around Madison/Middleton, WI?

Thank you!

Jeff Stanton

-- Jeff Stanton, April 3, 2006


The trouble with many flight instructors is that they don't actually have any interest in teaching, they're just doing it to build hours for some greater purpose. Rich Morey, at Morey Field in Middleton, is a lifelong instructor with a lot of experience and a calm and thorough approach. He instructed me on for an IR on the now defunct West Coast Adventure and I'd have no hesitation in recommending him. 608-836-1711.

-- David Adams, April 4, 2006

As David mentioned, a lot of it comes downs to a choosing a personality as I suspect the vast majority of CFI's are competent. You probably want to look for a CFI that you get along with, enjoy being around, and feel you can learn from. Keep in mind, small airplanes are noisy, smelly, and with the summer just around the corner, hot! The physical environment combined with the stress of learning something new creates a need for an instructor that you are happy to spend many hours with. Why not try out two or three for your first couple of lessons and then make a decision?

-- Bradrick Pretzer, April 4, 2006

I started my training at Wisconsin Aviation. My instructor quit and I ended up at Morey Airport with Mark Leonard. Mark is calm and patient. He's a part time instructor who teaches because he enjoys it -- he won't quit half way through your training. I think Mark is great. I'm not familiar with the current set of instructors at Wisconsin Aviation.

There are pros and cons about choosing between MSN (class C) and Morey (class E) -- at MSN you'll quickly become familiar with more sophisticated radio work, and the term "wake turbulance" will have practical relevance! At Morey you'll have fewer hassles and will get more landings in per hour.

The GA terminal at MSN is very very nice. It has a roomy, comfortable lounge area with cushy leather seats and couches, and an excellent restaurant. Morey Airport has a good little restaurant, but it's not nearly as good as MSN (however, their donuts are better). The restaurant at Morey is not open on Sunday. My kids and wife strongly prefer hanging out at MSN.

Perhaps you should take an intro ride at both flight schools and see what you think?

-- Max Rahder, August 14, 2006

Joe Oliva is a professional aviation photographer and instructor in the Madison area. I'm not sure if he's working at one of the FBOs at present but I enjoyed working with him.

-- Mike Lynch, March 21, 2007