Would I need multiple Jeppesen subscriptions for 430/480/530 stack?

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Good afternoon,

I noticed that in some newer aircraft, the avionics stack contains
two Garmin 430s or a combination of 430, 530 and/or 480. If I read
the Garmin product data correclty, each has an onboard Jeppesen

I guess the big question is does each unit require its own Jeppesen
subscription? Seems like this could get pretty expensive pretty

Thanks and best regards,

-- Chris Owens, June 2, 2006


According to Jeppesen's Web site, you do need a special "Dual" subscription. Luckily, however, it doesn't appear to be twice the price as a single subscription!

Here's a page that describes their offerings for dual units:


-- Dave Todaro, June 5, 2006

Great information. Many thanks!

Best regards, Chris

-- Chris Owens, June 5, 2006