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I am seeking recommendations for aviation headsets that are comfortable for use with
glasses. Since Phil apparently wears glasses, his comments (http://philip.greenspun.com/ flying/shopping) may already apply.


-- Vik Bajaj, November 20, 2006


I use a Lightspeed 30 3G headset and it works well with my regular perscription glasses and sunglasses. I make sure to buy glasses that have thin side pieces though. If you have thick side pieces, they might cause some leakage on any headset.

-- mike masterson, November 24, 2006

Have you considered an in-ear set? I love my Clarity Aloft headseat-the wire frame fits nicely under sunglasses and hats and you don't even know you're wearing anything except the sound is good and the cockpit noise is minimal.

The Quiet Technologies Halo headset is also good and less expensive, but I prefer my Clarity. I posted a review at: <http://www.studentpilot.com/interact/forum/showthread.php? s=&threadid=29090>

-- Jim Kanter, March 19, 2007

I followed Mike's suggestion and obtained the Lightspeed 30-3G ANR headset. In five or six flights thus far, I have been quite satisfied with its comfort and performance; certainly it's a dramatic improvement over the flight school's rental headsets. The construction seems a little flimsy for the price, but, absent any damage, this remains a subjective perception.

-- Vik Bajaj, June 13, 2007

Lightspeed Mach 1 that I use is a great unit. Its compact in my flight bag, very comfortable to wear for long periods (with supplied foam ear pieces), very light weight, very quiet, and no batteries to replace. I bought mine from sporty's, and they have a 1 year satisfaction guarantee. The only possible gripe i have is that instead of the 3 seconds its takes to don a traditional over-the-ear headset, it takes about 9 seconds to compress the foam earpieces and don the Mach 1. Well worth the extra 6 seconds!

-- Eric Whiteman, June 19, 2007

You can always look at this problem the other way around - if you buy the right glasses, most good headsets should feel comfortable. A good example is the Mile High range, seen at www.mile-high.info including the prescription Aviate sunglasses. They fit well under headsets. So, of course, do the traditional Ray Ban Aviators. For normal glasses, try the amazing Flexon range - not cheap, but virtually indestructible and lovely thin side arms.

-- John Clark, November 11, 2008