Piper Meridian

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What is your review?

-- Julian Rubinstein, December 24, 2006


If you want to go short distances by yourself or with a lightweight dog, the Meridian could be a good airplane. A friend has a 2001 Piper Meridian and his full-fuel payload is 380 lbs. With full fuel, he would be lucky to make it from Boston to Atlanta against winter headwinds. With four beefy guys on board and total weight below gross, I think he would be lucky to make it to D.C. with an IFR reserve.

A lot of the systems inside the Meridian are carried over from the Malibu and are not as rugged as what you'd find in a PC-12 or even a TBM.

If you have the money and want a cramped six-seat turboprop... the TBM. If you want to save a few $$ and tend to take very short trips, the Meridian might not be a bad choice.

-- Philip Greenspun, December 25, 2006