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After selecting a VOR approach on the G1000 I am uncertain how the
GPS information is interacting with the VOR. In other words is the
sytem using the GPS information for primary navigation and if either
were to fail during the approach what warnings would you get? I
appreciation the frequency of the VOR is automatically selected and
both the GPS and VOR tracking information is displayed on the PFD
but on which is the sytem relying?

-- pierre redoubt, August 15, 2007


The moving map relies on the GPS. The HSI on the PFD relies on whatever nav source you select with the "CDI" soft key, cycling among GPS (fails over automatically to GPS2 if necessary), Nav radio 1, and Nav radio 2. To be legal while doing a VOR approach, you would need to switch the HSI over to one of the Nav radios.

-- Philip Greenspun, August 17, 2007