Epic, Spectrum, and Eviation...

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I really like your "Flying" page on your web site. There is a lot of
great information.

I've read your "Very Light Jet" page and was curious on your thoughts
of composite jets offered by Epic, Spectrum, and Eviation? Perhaps
they are too "bleeding edge", but I figured that you'd have some
thoughts since they look so good on paper...

-- Victor Go, August 19, 2007


Only a fraction of new airplane designs ever make it through certification. Usually the company suffers a setback and they don't have enough money to survive the delays. I don't want to put too much effort into thinking about these jets without stronger evidence that these companies have sufficient capital.

The companies whose VLJs are certified, e.g., Eclipse and Cessna, started with near-infinite money. Diamond has a lot of money and is nonetheless attempting certification only to 25,000', which is much less rigorous. Embraer will presumably make it due to infinite money plus experience. Honda will make it due to infinite money.

-- Philip Greenspun, August 21, 2007